Chevrolet dealerships work together on certain projects and programs by forming groups called “Local Marketing Associations” (LMAs), and the Chevy Youth Sports programs are LMA-sponsored projects.

Through the Chevy Youth Sports programs, each individual dealership within a participating LMA sponsors one league within their "Area of Primary Responsibility". The APR is a zone determined by General Motors. If there are multiple leagues within a dealer's APR, the league they choose is typically based on proximity or a pre-existing relationship with the organization.

If you can provide more information about your organization using the form below, we'll be happy to keep the information on file and if the dealership nearest you is looking for a new league in the future, we can let them know of your interest. In the comments, please tell us more about your organization, include the full name of the league, the average number of players per season, the age range of those players, the name and address for the primary facility where most of your home games are played, and provide a link to your website and social media pages.